Pengenalan Wajah Pada Sistem Presensi Menggunakan Metode Dynamic Times Wrapping, Principal Component Analysis dan Gabor Wavelet

Romi Wiryadinata, Raya Sagita, Siswo Wardoyo, Priswanto Priswanto


Presensi is a logging attendance, part of activity reporting an institution, or a component institution itself which contains the presence data compiled and arranged so that it is easy to search for and used when required at any time by the parties concerned. Computer application developed in the presensi system is a computer application that can recognize a person's face using only a webcam. Face recognition in this study using a webcam to capture an image of the room at any given time who later identified the existing faces. Some of the methods used in the research here is a method of the Dynamic Times Wrapping (DTW), Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Gabor Wavelet. This system, used in testing with normal facial image expression. The success rate of the introduction with the normal expression of face image using DTW amounting to 80%, 100% and PCA Gabor wavelet 97%

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