Penentuan Kapasitas Daya Reaktif Dan Frekuensi Tuning Filter Pasif Untuk Mengurangi Kandungan Arus Harmonik Beban

Hari Prasetijo


This studi involve decresing method of harmonic current content in a radial distribution systems used single tuned passive filter. The distribution systems model consist of transformer 20/0,4 kV supplying groups of non linier loads that is represented by personal computer (PC) and fluorescent lamp 2x40 W as load harmonic current source. Passive filter was installed in PCC bus (0,4 kV) and analysis to be conducted according to IEEE std.1531-2003 and IEEE std. 519-1992. The reesult showed that insalation passive filter in PCC bus will decrease magnitut load harmonic current significantly. The decreasing determined by reactive power capacity and frequency tunning of passive filter.


Passive filter, harmonic current, reactive power capacity, frequency tunning

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