Karakteristik Pergerakan Pekerja Kawasan Industri Rambut di Jalan Jend. A.Yani Kabupaten Purbalingga

Probo Hardini(1*)

(1) Prodi Teknik Sipil Universitas Jenderal Soedirman
(*) Corresponding Author


Activity of land use at roadside oftentimes generates trouble in the form of resistance that cause to road and street performance. Hair industries at Jalan Jend. A. Yani caused friction side that influence street performance. This research identify hair industry’s worker characteristic by questioner method. The result tell us how distance influence ammount of worker. Mode preference of worker is influenced by their total revenue and gender. In gender case, there’s nothing can influence mode choice for man. But in woman side, travel time and distance influence mode choice. We knew that worker movement is short movement from their choices of mode and their transport cost. This research is conducted to supply worker mass transport in order to reduce their movement acvitiy effect, especially for A. Yani street performance.


Land use, worker activity, street performance.

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